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The World Through a Microscope

We have been looking at the world with our own eyes, some have also been looking at it with extra eyes. There are some...

27 World’s strangest buildings that will surely shock you

Sometimes, when I get bored, I start to research some weird stuffs. On my way to Galilee, I saw these buildings and they totally...

What does it feel like to work at Google?

What does it feel like to work at Google? Well, I dug up some old pictures on the internet and decided to share this...

A really cool Close up photo series of animals eyes (Open list)

An Armenian photographer, Suren Manvelyan created a gripping animal eyes close-up photo series. These pictures reveal the kind of vibrant colors of some animals...

35 Things You Might Learn Too Late in Life

1. Never lend money to your friends, you will lose the money and the friendship. 2. Never pay to watch porn. 3. Your friends could be...

Some motivational pictures that will make you go “Like, wow!”

This parental example What affects others will surely affect us There is no self-made man Different people, different priviledges Don't do it for clout

10 sentences everybody who grew up with Nigerian parents will be used to

1. "...when you are always pressing your phone" This is the ultimate blame for any stupidity you perform 2. "If I hear pim" 3. "You are doing...

Funke Akindele has been arrested and charged to court but there is one totally stupid thing the police is doing

So Funke Akindele was trending on twitter. Wow! That is not something you expect to happen. Is she realeseing a new movie? ...ish Apparently, Aunty Jeniva decided...
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