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All the things we wish they had told us about falling in love (Open list)

Love is a beautiful thing. In fact, some people will say love is the best thing that could happen to a man. Maybe those...

8 horrific things to say to your partner during sex if you want to tear them apart

Men love to feel in control and women love to shatter that feeling. Here are some things that will bring down your man when...

We asked 7 Nigerian girls how they lost their virginity

If there is one thing a lot of youths are very curious about, it is the feeling of having sex for the very first...

10 Things Newlyweds need to stop saying to their single friends

1. Your time will come What is your business with my time? 2. So you are still single? Ehn, what now happen? 3. God will do your own...

The Cool Guide To Spotting a Yoruba Demon from a thousand miles

Yoruba demons are everywhere in Lagos.  If you are trying to avoid a Yoruba demon coming to your life, then you must take this post...

All the things that could happen in a secondary school relationship

Secondary school is usually the time most teenagers find their first love - and they can't just get over the fact that they are...
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