This one is not new, but a lot of people get so worried about it, you don’t have to be unless…

1. You’re over twelve years old.

They start asking you for money you’ve saved from your pocket money.
Is money not to be spent ?

2. You get into the university. 

I didn’t say secondary school cause you can still find your way out of there being broke but university, just find a source of income for the sake of your mental health.

3. Your phone/laptop gets stolen or spoils

Hmmm…. this one is very painful

4. You get into a relationship

Now you know the definition of stress

5. You find stingy friends

Small thing, do giveaway boss but they’ve not done giveaway for you o.

6. You start working 

The end oooo, your mother, father, siblings, family members, friends, well-wishers are all expecting money at the end of the month.

7. Get your own apartment.

Management is not a course in the university for nothing.
Don’t worry, even if you fall into any of these categories, still calmdown. You have a whole community, check your whatsapp cl.

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