Aroma won “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” in 2009 by answering 15 questions correctly. Here are the questions he answered. We doubt you will get up to 8 of them

Dressed in all black with a prominent salt and pepper beard, this 36 year old bachelor introduced himself as Aroma, he told the host that his name means ‘good year’ and then he jumped right into the game. Question after question, he confidently answered correctly.
He got to the 11th question, one step away from 1 million naira and he revealed that the subject of the question ‘lives on top of him’…That’s right, the person being asked about is his neighbour who lives in the flat above his!

It wasn’t until the 14th question worth 5 million naira that he used his first lifeline. He asked the audience; the most popular audience answer was also his choice but he used the 50/50 lifeline to be certain. Another correct answer in the bag. He was now at the final question – the 10 million naira question. No one had ever won the 10 million naira prize. Only one other person has ever even gotten to this stage. Professor Maathai Wangari won the Nobel Prize for which of these? that was the final question. Aroma did not know the answer. He decided to use his last lifeline – phone a friend, he repeated the question several times but the reception was bad (…isnt this show sponsored by a telecoms company?), perhaps it was the nerves but he barely heard what his friend said, he had to ask the host to repeat what his friend said – ‘Peace’. His nerves were shot, he asked for some water to drink. He then decided to go with his friend’s advice. Final answer? Yes, final answer – Peace.

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