On cool mag, we love to surf the internet looking for extraordinary youths who have been doing something unique. This time, we came across an artist – Infinite Ife. He makes human portraits with nails, a board and thread, if there is need. you love to see it.

Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Odushe Ifeoluwa Daniel is my name. A student of University of Lagos, studying Visual Art, Creative Art Department.

For how long have you been passionate about art?

Way back from my primary school, (primary two) and that close to 14years now

Wow. Impressive. Do you hope to use it as a career or you are just using it to keep yourself busy?

To keep myself busy? Lol. It my *Career*.

LOL. When can you beat your chest and say you are successful in this art?

I  can see the time here, it so close that I feel I can easily jump up and wave my hand in it to feel those moment.

Nice. What is the biggest challenge you have now, except the pandemic?

Time! Trust me I make so much with my time, especially this recent days. But still yet I so much feel it not enough.

Cool then. Which means the pandemic has helped you to an extent. So How have u been able to learn from the pandemic?

So much! Firstly, I got much of the percentage of time I needed. And I have so much utilize it in making research and digging deep to discover the best of me and the kind of  Art I make. I hope I answered well.

LOL. Yes you did.

How did your parents take it when you said you wanted to study art in school? You know how Nigerians parents can be

I am ever grateful for the kind of parents (Family) I have. They have been supporting me ever since day one and they never ever try to convince me or make me doubt the career I chose. So I didn’t have any difficulty studying Art, (Visual Art). Instead, they support me vehemently and they wish the best for me.

That’s rare. So after school, what next?

Am not planning to wait till after school. It all going to begin before I graduated. By God’s grace

And am strongly working towards it.

Nice. Love that. So where do you tap your inspiration from?

Anyway, every way and anything. But good lyrics (Music) has been a good source. Anyway, every way and anything simply means God has been my main source of inspiration but I don’t want to seem to spiritual.

 What kind of songs do u listen to for inspiration?

Oh no! Am actually not good at identifying kinds of song . I just watch out for good lyrics. All I do is pick songs that have good lyrics and let the spirit move me. LOL.

How do u handle your art and school when school is in session?

My roomie actually envy’s this part of me. They feel my art ( Even when it a commission piece) and school session study is the same, that am still on the line, that I don’t have problem at all.

WOW. Nice.

But then, If you say school session, I will categorize that as the theory aspect in school. I make sure I give it the maximum of time it needed, cause I still explore and enjoy my art in the practical aspects.

What is your biggest dream for your art?’

To be successful? I guess that explains it all.

Thank you for your time.

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