Did you see our post on if Money heist happened in Nigeria? If you missed that, at least you should not miss all the things that would happen if Game of Thrones were Nigerian.

Imagine in the event where white walkers, Wildifre, Dragons and Giants were all in Nigeria. Yes, you might think it would just be exactly what Lagos traffic looks like but is it?

Here are all the things that would happen if Game of Thrones were Nigerian

1. Nigerians relocating to Canada once beheading starts

Let me be going to my Fatherland abeg

2. How Nigerian mothers be looking when Daenerys comes out fire naked

Look at this child

3. When you tell Yoruba mother what Cersei and Jaimie have been doing when nobody is watching

“This generation has spoilt this world”

4. Yoruba mothers in Church when Daenrys starts shouting “I am the mother of Dragons, the unburnt the kini kan kini kan”

Devil is a liar. Die by fire!

5. PDP supporters when Daenerys starts looking for them

Who wants to die

6. Bet9ja people when they hear you are the Three-eyed raven

Boss, any update?

7. When you banish guys to the wall but there is free Playstation and WiFi

8. White walkers knowing they can’t enter the hot sun

9. Edo girls when Daenerys starts boasting of her dragons

10. This one’s death is certain sha

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