Ever wondered how African parents will be reacting when they find each other in heaven? Well, here is how it will go.

Source: I get one guy for that side.

1. When two Nigerian parents finally make it to heaven

“I don dey wait for you. U just dey come ni?”

2. Your Grandfather when he sees someone from your generation in heaven

“God is truly Merciful”

3. You trying to explain to your Yoruba mom that you can now do as you please because nobody can…

Nobody is above Igbati

4. When they start giving you life advice so you won’t join bad gang

Bad Gang dey this side?

5.  Nigerian mothers when they see that their neighbor in the same heaven with them

“Maybe they pardon her like that ni ooo”

6. When they are sharing food for everybody and your mum says they should give you only one meat

“Where the Grace of God is abundant?”

7. After a while, you then tell your African parents you want to go and find love

In the end, we are not to be judgemental on who gets to make heaven.

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