1. When you arrive at the Airport and manage to forget how cold it can get

Nigerian abroad

Then you start wearing jacket anyhow

2. When you can’t decide if you should form accent or be Nigerian

Is this how I will embarrass myself?

3. When an ignorant student asks if you have WiFi in Nigeria


It is your ignorance I blame

4. When you are invited to a house party for the first time

You can’t resist the African Boy

5. But they ask you to bring your own drinks

Like fr???

6. When you call your siblings back home and they start requesting for chocolates and clothes

How many days have I spent here sef?

7. When your Masters has ended and people start asking when you will return home


Drink water and mind your business, amebo

8. When you return home and they still dish you food with one meat


You dey whine me ni Mummy

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