1. How you hurry up to arrange your untidy house so they don’t know you are pigs

Multitasking GIF - Spongebob SpongebobSquarepants Stressed GIFs

2. You when you remember that you have juice in your freezer and your mum will finally open them

3. When your mum starts bringing out plates and cups from 1995 she told you never to touch

4. When you want to take small juice and they tell you it is for the guest

5. You pretending to sleep so that you don’t have to greet the visitors

Sleeping Asleep GIF - Sleeping Asleep Dean GIFs

6. How they expect you to greet your visitors

7. How your parents see you immediately the visitor enters your house

African Waiter Holding Champagne Drink Against Black Background ...

8. How your parents look at you when you stay with them while talking

9. Your daddy when visitors ask you to come and eat out of their food

10. How you feel when the visitors are leaving

11. When they offer to give you money while going

12. But your mum asked them not to worry

13. But they insist and your mum finally allows them to give you

14. When your mum now asks to help you keep the money

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