Secondary school is usually the time most teenagers find their first love – and they can’t just get over the fact that they are with someone that makes them happy (even if the relationship doesn’t last long). Here’s a couple of these that we think have become a norm in high school relationships. Enjoy!

#1. When she says “yes” two days to Valentine’s Day

#2. First time you show up in school as a couple and the crowd goes:

#3. When her mother is one of the school’s religious teachers

#4. When she has this best friend that acts like The Equalizer 

#5. When you and boo are doing something cool but it’s weird to everyone else

#6. When he’s one of the finest guys in school, or she’s one of the finest girls in school

#7. When the bell goes for break over

I’ll see you after school

#8. When you have your first fight

Is this the end of the world?

#9. When she says she wants to TALK

#10. After your first night together and she says:

#11. End of the session, and a new guy/girl joins the school

Last Days at Forcados says it all

#12. When he/she calls it quit before PROM

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