This post is for only the olodo people or those people who can’t speak to the public. If you love public speaking, please do us a favor and…

Thank you.

Now that the ITKs are gone, let us all reminisce on all the struggles we had to face during class presentations.

When they teacher announces that there will be presentation

Ma, please consider the kids.

But she then says it will be a group presentation

My God does not flop

When they put you in a group and you are the smartest person

God who did I offend?

You in front of the whole class giving your speech

I hope with these few point, I am able to convince you that…

After concluding the presentation, and the teachers asks “who has a question to ask”

Sweating Nervous GIF - Sweating Nervous Paranoid GIFs

This is where I die, I have always know it.

You praying in your mind that there is no question

Please Oh GIF - Please Oh Praying GIFs

Sweet baby Jesus do your thing

Then one oversabi gathered rthe audacity to ask question

Who be this kid?

How you be passing the question to other group members

Two Spiderman GIF - Two Spiderman Pointing GIFs

You and your hommies when you return to your seats

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