All the Lies Yahoo boys use to justify their illegal acts

Number three is actually dumb ASF

Yahoo yahoo don tear everywhere now, we acting like it’s so cool. Yahoo boys are now everywhere in Nigeria. you can barely visit a cyber cafe where you won’t see any yahoo boy.

Without any further ado, there are some silly excuses Yahoo Boys use to justify their acts:

1. Na Oyinbo first scam our forefathers

zikoko - Awoof

if you have not heard this one before, it means you don’t know any Yahoo boy.

2. Abeg, Yahoo na the only way to survive for this country

Come again?

3. I no get money, Na only Yahoo fit help me


4. Nobody Holy Pass

So everybody should be more “unholy”

5. Las las God go forgive us

Don’t tell me you are serious?

6. Government no give youth job

This is an established fact all over the world.

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Written by dada eniola

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