Apple refreshed the air pods earlier this year but only with an extra hour of talk and a wireless charging accessory. There was no change in the audio performance or the design. The new air pods has got a lot changed in it this time making it the best earbud. There have always been issues with earbuds with every earbud but the new air pods seems alright.


Starting with the biggest change, apple makes in ears now as any other company making it more suitable for people to use. Earlier the standard apple airpods design did not suit everyone as it was only available in one design. The ones who liked the old ones more than the new ones can still buy the air pods on apple’s website but you will be walking around with visually old air pods which you do not want. Do you want to look like a commoner? Then do not buy the old ones as the sound quality of the air pods pro has been improved by sealing the ear. It is unclear why these sounds better because it could just be the seal or apple might have used different hardware this time. You can get great discount on electronic items online using gonoise coupons.


The air pods pro sound almost as good as the other wireless earphones we have in the market but surely do not beat sennhieser. There is noticeable more bass and sharpness to the sound if we compare them with the old air pods. Power beats by apple itself seems to have less punch in mids and lows than the new air pods. Comparing the new air pods pro with galaxy buds, the new ones are really a lot more expensive than the buds. So what is it that makes them expensive?

Active noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a new feature that apple has introduces with this device. Maybe they had it earlier as well but we did not notice it based of their presentation. An outward facing microphone is used that detects noise and adjusts the sound output by the speaker to balance the noise resulting in cancelling it. A microphone is also loaded on the inside that makes sure that the noise cancellation is working properly. The new air pods samples the audio 200 times per second and adjusts the sound so you get to listen the sound that you are supposed to.

There is only one other wireless in ear active voice cancellation earbuds other than the new air pods by Sony. So apple is not the first one to introduce the technology but surely will deliver the technology. The air pods are activated as soon as you start using them even without pairing even if you have not paired it with anything. The experience is similar to full size headphones.


The new air pods also include pressure equalisation vents that solve the problem of feeling pressure in head while using headphones with noise cancellation. This is what makes them comfortable Many wireless earphones including power beat pro by apple have a lot going on in the design to maintain the stability leaving you in an uncomfortable space whereas the new air pods are simple. The earbuds are light in weight and the force distribution is on point and it might be the shorter stems making the new air pods better than any other device. The older air pods used taps to function but this time it is different because the user has to pinch the force sensor.

The air pods pro have a battery life of 19 hours in charging case with a 5 hour battery life of the buds when in use. The battery life reduces to 4.5 hours with the active noise cancellation. The older air pods had the same battery life. The case is now bigger and that might be a problem for few.

Based on the pricing the galaxy buds sounds similar to the air pods pro but are cheaper than the new air pods but has got some issues if you can live with that. The galaxy buds does not have active noise cancellation as well. There are a lot of better options if you are just concern about the sound and do not need active noise cancellation. You can apply for Android Engineer Jobs to know about this field.

But every other earphone has had a problem but the new air pods do not seem to have a problem. From sound quality to comfort and ease of use, the new air pods are the best wireless earbuds so far. The earphones has got it all. You also get wireless charging feature making it so easy to use. The case is a bit bigger than the old ones but still is smaller and portable if we compare it to other cases. The manufacturers made sure they develop a perfect package this time. There is no point you go buy the air pods and not the air pods pro.

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