So, with the high rate of public proposals gone wrong in recent times, we can all agree that popping up the question might be one of the hardest and most nerve-wracking thing a Nigerian guy will ever have to do.

Some people would love to make it public while some people would rather keep it lowkey. However, the pain people feel when they are turned down does not care about the location or audience.

So we came across the Twitter user who asked a very valid question:

Well, Nigerians will always be Nigerians. Their replies are hilarious

1. This upcoming batista

2. The perfect revenge,,, if possible

3. Love wasn’t added to the basic necessities of life, afterall

4. This one can’t even be a gentleman

5. Energy >>>>

6. The most logical thing to do

7. Start a new life

8. And finally…

So in case a girl ever rejects your proposal, take some tips form here and youย  will be fine..,. or not.

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