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A typical bad day for any Lagosian

Only Lagosians can relate

Facts over anything – no Lagosian can claim they have never experienced a bad day in their “whatever” years of sojourn in this great city. So our team has decided to describe what an average Lagosian’s bad day is like. Enjoy!

Waking up early, and still getting stuck in that 3rd Mainland bridge traffic.

Coulda just calm down and eat that chow from last night!

Then you forget to collect change from conductor/driver.

Chai! Glo night plan don cast.

Realizing this isn’t your bus-stop.

These village people have started using 5G before NASA sef.

You now decide to eat at Mama Risi’s bukka out of frustration.

Today can’t be all bad at least.

Turns out Mama Risi’s food wasn’t worth it.

My God will judge you!

Pfft! You just missed one hell of a street fight!

Last chance to make today worth it is gone.

Time to go home, and Mama Risi’s food kicks in

Man’s too pressed to keep up with bus chase.

It’s 10pm, and you’re still not home.

You start recollecting tales of kidnapping you’ve heard.

You finally get home, and your friends are asking for what you brought.

Bitch please! Ogun no go kill us.

Now you are wishing you had not stepped out today.

Coulda just stayed in bed, reading The Cool Magazine.

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