Weddings don’t ever finish in Nigeria. Some families get married for a living, especially the Yoruba people. While everyone in the wedding is focusing on the wife and her beautiful white gown, the groom too can be somehow dramatic. If you have not been paying attention to the groom before, then it is time you give him your attention and see what he really is like.

So here are 9 types of Grooms you will find at a Nigerian wedding.

1. The Emotional Ones

These ones are the main groom ladies wish they marry. They usually save up all the tears from being “hard guy” at youth only to burst out in front of  100 people in the church. LOL!

2. The Actual hard Guys

Nothing concern these ones with being emotional. Wedding is a big flex for them so  they just laugh and gist throughout the whole thing. They are always funny too…

3. These Ones

Well, the picture speaks for itself.

4. The Ones That Can’t Wait For Wedding Night

A.K.A The Konji Lord. And they can be proven to be a disappointment in bed. Ladies, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

5. The Confused One

This is basically most grooms in inter-tribal marriage. They are very confused with what is going on but they just have to keep their cool because it will only last a few hours and after that, the babe is theirs for life.

6. The Emigrant

This one just marry for green card, nothing else.

7. The Wife

This one is just groom for the wedding day. After the wedding, the wife takes her rightful place as man of the house because the groom is just a going to be a victim of physical abuse. It is all these ones that use to call their wives “madam” from day one.

8. The Ones That Came To Drink

Wedding is an amazing opportunity to get drunk with your boys while wearing suits. That’s the job of these ones.

9.  The One Who Couldn’t Make It To The Wedding

Maybe the flight was cancelled or he had to attend an important business meeting or maybe he is dead sha. But the wedding must go on.

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