Don’t ever miss Sahur

If you miss it, just sleep for the rest of the day

Prepare Sahur the night before

getting up very early to cook can be tiring

Avoid staying up late

This really isn’t the time to start chatting late in the night. Going to bed early is the key to success

Stay hydrated

you might not know how important it is but drinking a lot of water after iftar and sahur will help you survive the day.

Do not overfeed yourself after Iftar so you won’t be praying taraweeh like someone that they are forcing

Ignore arguments

i pity you if you want to start winning every argument on empty stomach

Set a goal

Trust me, you don’t know how fast the day will go when you are busy making plans for your goal

Mute your Statuses

Don’t say I didn’t warn you ooo. You will not know when those people will just post something that will make you sin

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