Have you ever wondered why Nigerians never go camping? Despite all the Hollywood movies Nigerians have seen about camping, nobody dare tries it in this country. Some people are barely even comfortable in their homes and you expect them to start spending the night in a bush for no reason at all.

So here are the 8 obvious reasons why Nigerians can never go camping.

1. We don’t have Oak woods, we have Evil Forests

So you expect people to go camping in a forest where their village people are holding meeting on top their head?

2. There are bush babies in there

Lol. Not this one.

These bush babies

3. We are not sure GPS can scan our forests

Best option is to look for a nice Gorilla family to adopt you.

4. They can use anybody for ritual any morraf*cking time

Even if you don’t even have glory to use.

5. Well, Shekau is still shocking people

We dinnuh send you message sha.

6. Vigilante and olode don’t care who you are

These people are dying to kill someone. Don’t give them the opportunity oo

7. Evil spirit can decide to slap you and you can do nothingg about it

Do you want to argue with them ni?

8. You can meet those people from your Father’s side

You will have to explain what you are doing there.

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