If you have ever been to a view center to watch a football match, then you know that it is one of the best places to ever go. There are different characters you will find at every view center in Nigeria¬† and you c an’t help but wonder where these guys come from….even when you are among these characters. Here are some of the types of people you will find at every view center in Nigeria.

1. The analyst

These ones are always fun to be with though because they are not usually biased with their arguments. They analyze matches and player movements for you better than those supersport guys and you can’t help but wonder what they are doing not working for supersport.

They explain why the referee was wrong and why the referee was right. In fact, they are usually more accurate than VAR and can teach you all the football rules.

2. The historian

These ones are usually Manchester United fans because they live on past glory. They know who won the first champions, league, who scored the first world cup goal, what year Ronaldinho performed his first nutmeg and the defender who fell victim.

Historians are always using old history to prove their points in an argument. No matter what you say, an historian has a past history to make sure you are wrong. They can be very annoying sometimes.

3. Noisemakers

They are always most people in every view center. They make unnecessary noise especially when one of their players dazzles a bit. These noisemakers do like to praise only their players and they are always the most quiet when their team is losing. I don’t want to mention any club but if I say Chelsea fans now, they will say I am wicked.

4. The meek and quiet

These ones don’t make noise, they barely even talk throughout the whole 90 minutes. If their team scores, they only shout a simple goal and clap their hands for a few seconds. They are¬† very boring but respected in every view center. They don’t engage themselves in arguments. They only just laugh at some jokes and get back to being serious. They are usually Arsenal fans because they love to humble themselves after being humbled by almost every team in the world.

5. The curse rainers

A mixture of Arsenal and Chelsea fans. They rain curses on their own players, the match officials and VAR as well. They don’t hesitate a bit. If you mess up, they rain curses on you. But when their players does well, they can also be the best praisers at the view center.

6. The complainers

Almost like the curse rainers, but these ones hardly rain curses yet they complain on every little mistake. They are never satisfied with their players. They hardly even praise their players but always find fault in whatever the result is…no matter how good.

7. The banters

These type of people try to crack everyone up with bants. They know where the weak point of their opponents are and they just use it against them. The moment you try to throw bants at them, they will unleash seven folds on you. They are the funniest people in every view center but they never shut their mouth up.

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