Now, I am about to ruin your entire childhood memories of Power Rangers. If you watched Power Rangers as a kid, you might not have noticed some of these things but they have been taking us for mugu. Here are some of those times they turned us to mumu:

1. Wearing this kind of costume inside this hot son

They cannot try this one with Nigerian sun sha

2. The entire background suddenly changes when they are about to morph

Power Rangers GIF - Power Rangers Zeo GIFs

Like, why?

3. Explosions out of nowhere

Power Rangers Explosion GIF - PowerRangers Explosion Pyramid GIFs

How much are they paying their editing team for this abomination?

4. This formation

When exactly did they have the time to plan this formation?

5. All this their unnecessary shakara

Powerrangers GIF - Powerrangers GIFs

Like why?

6. The villains are patient enough to wait for this

Power Rangers Power Rangers Beast Morphers GIF - PowerRangers PowerRangersBeastMorphers Transform GIFs

7. There is never blood. Just sparks

Power Rangers Beast Morphers GIF - PowerRangers BeastMorphers Spinning GIFs

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