Have you ever engaged in a session of heated oral? Well, we guarantee you can totally relate to this post. If you haven’t please pack your load and….

You don’t want to go abi? You want to see what the adults are talking about.

Whatever you see here is not our problem sha.

Here are all the struggles people who have ever engaged in oral face

1. Your brain to you, when you do it for the first time.

2. When you are about to start and see how uncomfortable it is, especially when people may hear you

3. When it keeps getting harder as you continue

4. When it gets comfortable and they said you should teach them

5. When your jaws are hurting but you can’t stop yet

6. When he keeps telling you to open your mouth wider

7. You eventually get bored but he is not even ending the session

Now, that’s how all the struggles students face during Oral English class

Kindly share if yo…. Yeh! Who throw me stone

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