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7 reasons why dating a Yoruba demon might not be that bad

If you are finding a serious relationship, this is not your post abeg…

Yoruba demons are the first children of Satan. They came to take and to destroy. So if you think you are looking for a serious relationship with a Yoruba demon abeg, come and be going…

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Thank you.

Oya now that they have gone, let us talk.

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Here are 7 reasons why dating a Yoruba demon might not be all that bad.

  1. As I said, they are the first children of Satan and that is why they are so hot. They are made from hell.
    The Complete Guide To Being A Yoruba Demon | Zikoko!

  2. You will look so peng beside him at every OwambeThe Reale Designer Behind Ebuka's Agbada To #BAAD2017: Ugochukwu ...

  3. You don’t even need to check his phone because you already know all his deep dark secrets and you chose the handsome bobo in him instead

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  4. No need for valentine’s day present. He has 20 Side chicks who will do that already

  5. You don’t need to worry about STI because Yoruba demons take their condoms very seriously

  6. When you are tired of the relationship or bored, you can just decide to go and catch him cheating anytime you like

  7. You know he cannot even accuse you of cheating and you have the freedom to do whatever you like

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