Every girl wants a Bone Straight wig like Beyonce’s but not nearly half of them can afford it.

So what do you do when you are too broke to afford a bone straight wig? Just look for the best alternative from this list of amazing hairstyles for women.

So we came across some of the best Bone straight wig alternatives you might be able to afford this Christmas.

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You will totally love what we have in store for you.

1. Patewo
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and if you cannot afford this kind, you might as well go for this

Since Patewo means clap, use this hairstyle to signify you applauding yourself for being so strong this year. It’s been a tough one. Even if you don’t get a bone straight wig, you have something better. Don’t really know what it is though…just felt like you needed small motivation.

2. All Back

UseĀ  this hairstyle to reminisce the good old secondary school days when boys crush on you without bone straight. It should have a deep meaning to your inner soul.

3. Koroba

This is one hairstyle you should always wear with pride. The hairstyle makes you look like a star. It can be because Tiwa Savage sang about it or just the fact that it is almost shaped like a star. Whatever you choose.

4. Onilegogoro

So would you rather spend up to N180,000 on bone straight or N500 on hair that children can actually sit on? Do something for the community today.

5. Shuku and patewo with base

Why go for a plain bone straight wig when you can just look like something inspired by amusement park?

6. Ajankolokolo

This one just gives you the flare you need. It inspired the national heroes. True story

7. All front

You cannot afford a bone straight wig and you don’t want any form of peer pressure, so you face your front. All front is the perfet hairstyle to let people know you have arrived and nothing can shake you.

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