6 things that would happen if motivational quotes was a person

Aspire to perspire to kafaya to maguire

1. Motivational quotes inspiring people to be better

Inspiration The Waterboy GIF - Inspiration TheWaterboy Waterboy GIFs

2. Motivational quotes when somebody finally takes his advice

Self Five Barney GIF - SelfFive Barney HIMYM GIFs

3. Motivational quotes when he sees himself on somebody’s status with the caption “deep”

Fabulous Yeah IKnow GIF - Fabulous YeahIKnow IKnow GIFs

4. Motivational Quotes when he sees himself on Yahoo Boys status

???? GIF - NickYoung QuestionMarks What GIFs

5. Motivational quotes when people start insulting him after making their first 10k

Ungrateful Bitch GIF - Ungrateful Bitch GIFs

6. Motivational quotes now taking revenge by exaggerating everything

Bbcan3 Kevin Martin GIF - Bbcan3 Bbcan KevinMartin GIFs

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