Yes, I have added a new era to the book of Eras and it is called the “Post-Corona Era”. The Corona Virus has so far affected over 300,000 people across the world and caused more than 16,000 deaths.

This is something the world has never experienced. The big countries are trembling and Rome which is well known to be an amazing tourist location has become like Gothly Hollow. Everybody is quarantined.

This is something to marvel at considering how we all underrated the virus when it first broke out. LOL! A common cold anybody can recover from. Now, everybody is sharing panic messages here and there.

However, a lot of people believe that the corona virus pandemic is God’s way of giving us a compulsory holiday,,,which of course we need.

Following the strange things that have been happening since the beginning of this 2020, the corona virus might prove to be the even that changes the world.

Below are some of our predictions for the Post-Corona Era:

1. More religious converts

What better way to believe in God than to be scared for your life. Now, you will get more people in churches and Mosques. Even if you were the type that does not pay attention to church and mosque activities, you will start noticing little details. That is when you know that the five points of the star represents the five pillars of Islam and the crescent represents progress. Even the Christians will now realise that “Mary” was mentioned more times in the Qur’an than in the bible.

2. Better Hygiene and a healthy lifestyle

During the Ebola period, a lot of people became fans of hand sanitizers but it later died down when the disease was suppressed. Medical experts have warned everyone to maintain a good hygiene, eat good food to improve their immune system and avoid too much cold. Just watch as this is going to become an habit.

3. A Whole Set Of Onlinepreneurs

During this quarantine period, a lot of people are going to develop skills on Digital marketing, Photoshop, and many online skills. If you are yet to join them, you can sign up on Udemy and start learning a skill. There are free and paid skills.

4. Stupid WhatsApp People

Remember those people that always post stuffs like “Being alone is always better for you. Don’t trust anyone. Be yourself. if they don’t like you, don’t like them…bla bla bla”. just expect them to up their game with posts like “This quarantine period has made me understand that I don’t need anybody in my life”.

5. Danfo!

LOL! This one cannot change oooo. It is still going to be the same.

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