This is how big a traffic light is

Looks pretty big than when you look at it from below

The statue of Liberty’s torch

Kendrick Lamar’s Bodyguard

An eagle’s talon

This is how a fully inflated Horse’s lung looks

This is a comet and that little city there is Los Angeles

This is the size of Australia compared to pluto

This image shows how many earths will fit inside the sun

The teletubbies are freakishly big

Don’t ever mess with a seawater crocodile

You must have seen the mass curiosity rover in movies. This is how big they are in real life

A mining truck compared to a school bus

The one in front is the titanic, the one behind is a modern day ship. Look how big a ship is these days

This is how big a centipede can grow

A tornado

Look at the bottom right. What do you see? Wind turbines. Now for the biggest shock.

Wind turbines

I might as well just faint

An elephant skull

look at the size of the skull of an African elephant compared to a human skeleton. And you humans be claiming boss. tueh!

A blue whale’s heart is bigger than most human’s…literally and figuratively

This is $10,000 in hundreds compared to what it looks like with $10,000 in ones

So it is true $10,000 is small money for some people and very big money for others.

Finally, a billion is bigger than you think


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