When you are waiting for light to iron your uniform and they flash it for 2 seconds

Jim Carrey Come On GIF - JimCarrey ComeOn No GIFs

God will whine you people ooo!!!

When your football team is about to score and they take light in the middle of the hot match

Fuck GIF - Frustrated PullingHair No GIFs

You will have wasted like 5 minutes on swear before you realise you can actually log on to livescores to check the result.

When they take the light close to the end of an interesting movie

Fuck! GIF - Fuck Angry Crying GIFs

NEPA in case you don’t know, you better know now. That thing use to pain somebody ooo

When your mum sends you on an errand when you are playing Playstation and they take the light before you return

Fuck GIF - Fuck GIFs

You will not even know who to blame.

When they bring the light and the current is so high that it burns your follow-come charger

Well Fuck GIF - Well Fuck Sad GIFs

You have no choice but to go and get the one that did not reach cut off mark to be described as follow come.

Or when the light is too low that you can’t even use it to do anything meaningful

File My Nails Fuck Off GIF - FileMyNails FuckOff IgnoringYou GIFs

It is not me you people will come and frustrate biko.

When you are using your electric cooker to cook noodles and they take light immediately you pour the noodles in pot

Crying Sad GIF - Crying Sad Eating GIFs

Soggy noodles is still noodles, though!

When they bring the light after three days but your house don’t have light

The Office GIF - Angry MichaelScott TheOffice GIFs

Am I a joke to you??

When the light you use to confirm if there is light has light

Monkey Ape GIF - Monkey Ape Dance GIFsLa casa de papel all the way.

When you reach home and find out only your house that doesn’t have light

Matt Mercer Sad GIF - MattMercer Sad GoFuckYourself GIFs

So what is the solution to this predicament?

When they bring bills that don’t in anyway correlate with the amount of times you had light

Wtf Awkward GIF - Wtf Awkward Intense GIFs

Like what the actual f*$&!!!

When they cut your light after you have paid your bills

Ava Sharpe Angry GIF - AvaSharpe Angry LegendsOfTomorrow GIFs

They will na be asking you to bring small money so they can help you fix it. Wait, on top my own light again??? You must be ^%$^&&&^%$^&

When you return from a long journey and your street transformer blows

Dead Out GIF - Dead Out Spongebob GIFs

Let me just kill myself till they do this transformer in the next 6 months.




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