1. Boarding a bus

Never board a bus that is full of male passengers, not registered and also not loading from a designated bus stop or park. There is a high probability that you just entered ONE CHANCE!

2. University Fashion Sense

Never wear a combination of complete yellow or black and also show some cult signs around a university campus in Lagos if you are not a cult member!

3. Beating Lagos Traffic

The best way to beat Lagos traffic is by using Okada (commercial or private motorcycle). You should also learn to leave your house very early in the morning and enter late at night, these are the best time to avoid a traffic jam!

4. Police & Youths

It is very easy for the police officers in Lagos to tag you with any sort of crime, everything is a crime in Lagos. In fact, kissing your girlfriend in the public is a crime, avoid an argument with police officers and save yourself from stress by always having a valid ID card on you!

5. Don’t shook mouth in what dinnuh concern you

At all cost, you want to avoid interfering or looking, anytime you see strangers fighting! You don’t want to be part of that jungle justice.

6. Dating a girl

Never date a girl that is so popular in the crib to the extent that some area boys are also showing interest, you don’t wanna be used as a scapegoat.

8. Using waterways

If you must use waterways transportation, consider buying your own personal life jacket.

9. Oyinbo wise up

If you are a foreigner in Lagos, You might want to consider getting a driver to drive you around the town. Driving yourself gives a high probability of your involvement in a car accident. The reason is that Lagosians don’t know road signs and drive in a very crazy manner!

10. Wise up

Avoid street transactions at places like Lagos island, computer village, Sabo-Yaba. Go into their shops and if necessary, collect the receipt.

11. Social Media is never far

Don’t misbehave in the public because some jobless people will just video you and upload it on Instagram! Enjoy !!

12. The way you dress….

Having tattoos and piercing in Lagos subject you automatically to Police harassment. Nigeria Police would assume that you are a criminal.

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