1. There is always a more experienced friend telling you it will be fine

Whenever You Need Me Im Here For You GIF - WheneverYouNeedMe ImHereForYou IGotYou GIFs

“Omo iya mi mo wa pelu”

2. You will cough tire

Gross GIF - JimCarrey TheTrumanShow Gagging GIFs

It will look like your lungs are about to come out of your mouth

3. It might take longer than you thought to take effect

Mr Bean Waiting GIF - MrBean Waiting StillWaiting GIFs

Is this thing supposed to take time like this?

4. Then you suddenly remember the stories they told you about their first time

Smoke Cigarettes GIF - Smoke Cigarettes Khalifa GIFs

I must high this high by force

5. You will keep the smoke in your lungs for too long

Ted Bear GIF - Ted Bear Bong GIFs

You will see your life flash in front of your eyes.

6.  You will try to puff the smoke in a cool way

Nataszaturcja Shisha GIF - Nataszaturcja Shisha Smoke GIFs

But you will fail

7. Then everything becomes heightened

420 GIF - High Too Weed GIFs

At this point, everything is already taking place

8. You will try to keep your cool

Nodding Moon GIF - Nodding Moon Creepy GIFs

But you will eventually fail

9. Then it takes full effect

“Where am i?”

10. Everything will move in slow motion like this

Bruce Lee Karate GIF - BruceLee Karate SlowMotion GIFs

At this point, you don’t know what is going on anymore

11. The hunger will set in

Martin Lawrence Food GIF - MartinLawrence Food Hungry GIFs

You will eat almost anything you can find

12. Then you will pass out

Bill Murray Faint GIF - BillMurray Faint PassOut GIFs

13. Then you will wake up hungry ASF

Growling GIF - Hungry StomachGrowling FeedMe GIFs

After a couple of hours on the moon

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