On Coolmag, we scoour the internet in search of the most interesting things people do from across the world but most importantly, Nigeria. On one of our digital adventures, we came across some of the most absurd bucket list ideas and they are definitely going to make you think.

1. “I want to go to a stranger’s wedding and object at the ceremony then start crying.”

Vicki Satan GIF - Vicki Satan SatansWork GIFs

2. “I want to sleep in a coffin for one night”

Why GIF - Why Friends RossGeller GIFs

3. “I want to literally walk on fire”

Huh Dave Chappelle GIF - Huh DaveChappelle What GIFs

4. “I’m dying to run into a store frantically screaming, ‘WHAT YEAR IS IT?!'”

5. “I want to hit someone on the head with a frying pan”

Okay Question GIF - Okay Question Confused GIFs

6. “Have sex in a church confessional booth.”

Damn Hold GIF - Damn Hold Up GIFs

7.  “I want to go on a hot air balloon and throw a loaf of bread on someone’s head”

Why Huh GIF - Why Huh ButWhy GIFs

8. “I want to pull the fire alarm and just stand there while everyone is running out”

What Seriously GIF - What Seriously BlankStare GIFs

9. “I want to hold a bird, go to the middle road and shout ‘fly, birdie, fly’”

Ommm GIF - Ommm Omm GIFs

10. “Five guys at once”

WOW, OKAY GIF - Younger TVLand SuttonFoster GIFs

11. “Hire two private investigators and get them to follow each other.”

12. “I want to be bitten by a shark. Not to die, but just to have a cool scar!”

Surprise Shock GIF - Surprise Shock Shocked GIFs

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