10 Things you will understand if copy and paste helped you escape school

i am not the only person on this table

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1. When  the lecturer sets assignment and you know you will just copy your way through it

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No big deal

2. You seeing the scholars struggling on the assignment

Not My Business Judging You GIF - NotMyBusiness JudgingYou SecretlyJudgingYou GIFs

You people work hard ooo

3. The night before the assignment is due and you can’t bother to bother

No Facks Given GIF - Idgaf IDontGiveAFuck Idc GIFs

the best way to deal with stress is to not give a f!*@#

4. And the next day you still wake up late not giving a single f!*@#

IJust Woke Up Woke Up Like This GIF - IJustWokeUp WokeUpLikeThis MorningFace GIFs

Because you know it us dub you will dub las las

5. When you finally see somebody to dub

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Let me just finish copying and you people will copy me

6. You looking at all the people copying you like

Boss Gatsby GIF - Boss Gatsby Cheers GIFs

The more the merrier

7. When someone asks how you finished so fast

Like And Then GIF - Like AndThen FightClub GIFs

The philosophy of life.

8. When you hear the lecturer saying he will check for plagiarisms


Say what?

9. When results are out and you failed but the person you copied pass

Tricked Deceived GIF - Tricked Deceived Betrayed GIFs

10. Then you realize the assignment doesn’t even count at all

We move


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