Studying abroad is entirely different from the way most Nigerians portray it.

Source: I get one guy wey dey there.

If you ever studied abroad or are currently studying abroad, then we guarantee you can relate to this post.

1.  When everything doesn’t go as planned but you can’t complain because God just answered your prayers

2. When they start talking to you and you only pick up 40% of the entire sentence

3. When you start talking and they barely understand your Nigerian accent

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4. So you then switch over to their accent so they can understand you

5. Probably your Mum’s reaction when you call her on phone with Oyinbo accent

6. but she does not  know you are doing it to survive

7. When you don’t see the money you asked for on time and you need to settle bills

8. When the money eventually comes through

9. Then it is holiday period and you try to decide if you should stay and chop life

10. Or just go back home like a champion

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