5 really stupid things Nigerians do on Twitter

Nigerians are fund of creating unnecessary events on Twitter. In fact, one can say Nigeria is the home of twitter madness. Twitter ng is like the hub of madness and stupidity. So many people exhibit life changing stupid on twitter but Nigerians exhibit the most.

1. Bad use of hastags

Twitter ng entrepreneurs are very bad at using hashtags. I don’t know if I am the only one that noticed this.

2. “Forget….”

Let me break this down for you. You see Wizkid, Ronaldo, Adekunle Gold and Tacha trending, then while enjoying your twitter you will see a lot of annoying people who will use “Forget Wizkid, Ronaldo, Adekunle Gold and Tacha”all in one single tweet. If this does not annoy you, you are a terrorist.

3. Parody accounts doing giveaway

Like WTF! And people always fall for this. I don’t know if they actually send cash to people but if you see anyone handlying a parody account and doing giveaway, kindly tag @coolmag_ng let us drop our account number and confirm for you. *winks*

4. Dragging celebrities

Nigerians seem to forget that celebrities are humans too and they are bound to make mistakes. But the moment any celebrity makes a mistake, just watch as they will drag him or her like I pass my neighbor gen.

5. Too much negativity

This is present worldwide though.


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