‘The Cabal Has Locked Up A Dying Buhari In Aso Rock’ – Perry Brimah


A popular columnists and convener of Every Nigerian Do Something, ENDS, Perry Brimah has called on the masses to rise against ‘cabal’ locking up President Muhammadu Buhari who he claimed is dying in the Aso Rock.

Brimah said this in a statement he released on Friday, April 21.

“There can be no denying how chronically ill president Muhammadu Buhari looks when he seldom does appear in public. The last time was last week Friday when Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai came visiting. “The videos of Buhari walking for Friday prayers bring tears to eyes. His asthenic figure now no more than skin-and-bones as he sat down for the Jummah service was heart-wrenching.

“How can a people be so cold they expose a grandfather to this type of extreme stress and deprive him from his needed rest and medical expert attention by tasking him to lead the world’s most complex nation? “Have we as a people lost our humanity that we continue to task Buhari like this and not campaign for him to be relieved of our burden and rest towards recovery?

“It is insane to continue to deprive him and the nation by locking him up and burdening him with a challenge too heavy for even a strong young man to bear talk-less an old man who just returned from a 49-day leave in which he received blood transfusions and unknown cocktails of serious medications.

“For those of us in the medical profession, we recognize the president’s loss of hair on his head and facial hair as well as his reported blood transfusions as possible evidence of cancer chemotherapy. “God forbid, however if this is the condition the president is being managed for that the cabal is hiding from the people, the wickedness of the selfish cabal that forces him to remain locked up, “dying” in Aso Rock instead of receiving best therapy, should be vehemently opposed by us masses.

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