Scott Disick & Tyga Plan X-Rated Spinoff With Lots Of ‘Nudity!’

Scott disick tyga x rated spinoff

Keeping up with Scott and Tyga will not be family-friendly viewing, a source says. Nightlife buddies Scott Disick and Tyga want to make — what else? — a reality show out of their bad-boy lifestyle! “They want to do a Girls Gone Wild thing, where they’re filmed carousing with women in places like Ibiza and St. Tropez,” says an insider. The pals, uncoupled (for now, at least) from Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, respectively, “figure they can get a ton of freebies from the clubs and resorts where they film, so they’ll basically be paid to party.” The show will include nudity, so it’d have to air on late-night cable. Another possible concern, says the source: “Kylie’s livid about this, and she’s got Kourtney riled up too.” Heads-up, guys!

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